Discover the Truth About České Budějovice and Five Must-Dos

Ceske Budejovice is nestled down between the German and Austrian borders, just north of the hidden gem of Cesky Krumlov. Being the capital city of southern bohemia, it has oodles of unique architecture, charm, and a controversial topic on none other than...beer. Digging in and discovering the truth about Ceske Budejovice is an essential add […]

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Explore the Hidden Enchantment of Český Krumlov Right Now

When most folks talk about the Czech Republic, the conversation will almost always shift in the direction of Prague. And while the capital city is a lovely lovely town, the bohemian country has a plethora of towns rich in history and cultural goodness. Český Krumlov is a pocket of hidden enchantment, and right now is […]

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