How to Prep and What to Expect at Birkenau

Upon completing our tour of Auschwitz and having a moment to compose ourselves, we boarded the bus and headed over to Birkenau. It's a short drive. Giving you a brief second to collect what thoughts you can before stepping off the bus onto yet another intensely profound set of soil. A heavy rush of helplessness […]

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5 Common Sense Tips to Prepare For a Visit to Auschwitz

When we were booking our trip to Krakow, I knew I wanted to visit Auschwitz. Being a former history teacher, this was monumental to me. Although, having 2&4 year old boys in tow would make the planning tricky. Although my husband and I figured out a way for me to go solo, and it gave […]

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5 Things to See on a Long Weekend in Krakow

We stumbled across 10 euro flights to Krakow and thought about it for a mere second. A decent AirBnB popped up, so we took it as a sign! Tickets were booked, and we were well on our way to Poland. A new country for everyone in the family and a destination we knew little to […]

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