Explore the Hidden Enchantment of Český Krumlov Right Now

When most folks talk about the Czech Republic, the conversation will almost always shift in the direction of Prague. And while the capital city is a lovely lovely town, the bohemian country has a plethora of towns rich in history and cultural goodness. Český Krumlov is a pocket of hidden enchantment, and right now is THE time to go explore.

One of the most picturesque towns in all of Europe is nestled along the Vltava River. Boasting a castle, baroque and Renaissance architecture, this quaint town can be covered side to side in under 20 minutes.

As soon as Germany opened their borders in June, we were outta here! Český Krumlov is known to be a touristy hot spot. But due to international restrictions stemming from COVID, we found the streets sparsely traveled. The locals were thrilled to see us and even more excited to hear native English speakers. It meant tourism. It meant a boost in their economy. The AirBnB we rented. The restaurants we chose. The souvenirs we decided upon. Each of these decisions, gave the locals a bit of hope for future travelers.

Dining at the picturesque restaurants along the river was a highlight of mine. We aren't vegan but did stumble upon this most delicious spot, Laibon.

I mean, check out the enchanting view. The kids loved watching the ducks swim across the river and hop up onto our platform during dinner.

On the flip side, the highly authentic Krčma Šatlava would be #1 for my carnivore loving readers. The clammy, dimly lit, dungeon environment provides a medieval feel while watching your food cook up over open flame.

A casual stroll through the State Castle and climbing to the peak was one of my favorite memories. I mean, check out the view!

The swirling river encompassing the city with the overlooking tower is breathtaking. Also a great notch on the itinerary if you are traveling with tiny balls of energy.

It really is something spectacular!

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If you are craving a Western style breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs, and all the fixins’ - be sure to check out Cafe Vlassky Dvur; you won’t be disappointed. There is also a small play area with LEGOs and such, if you have minions in tow.

When researching accommodation, get after that "needle in the haystack" inside the city. The location of our spot was worth it for a few days. There was a souvenir shop on the bottom, and that patio area turned into the cutest coffee shop with a few scoops of ice cream on the menu. Something for everyone in the family. Loved our AirBnB.

We parked our car about a ten minute walk from the apartment - just across the bridge. There is enough to keep you busy for a few days without having access to your vehicle.

Walking along the rushing waters of the Vltava River is calming yet refreshing. But if you’re feeling spunky, grab a kayak! We saw plenty of people get soaked splashing off those ravines.

The most divine ice cream in the city, Monnalisa!
The city bears at the castle are a must if with small kiddos!

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One of my favorite spots was Retro Cafe & Restaurant. We stopped for a quick, sight-seeing break. And man, was it a gem to stumble upon! It's located on the backside of a building...facing a gorgeous playground. In true European fashion, hubby and I relaxed with a local brew while the boys played their hearts out. It gave us a chance to catch up and have a real conversation while the kids ran and climbed and ran and climbed. We also snagged freshly made mint lemonades for the boys, which they thought were (almost) as good as an ice cream treat.

FUN FACT: the beers we were sampling actually came from the original Budweiser. This would perk the interest of my American readers, since Budweiser is thought to have originated in St. Louis. It's true birth place is located in České Budějovice, just north of Český Krumlov. Super interesting story here!

Our storybook getaway was coming to an end. As we piled in the car to head home, I knew this would be a place to encourage others to visit. And I hope you do. Cheers!

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