Our Story

Hmm let's see...can I flash back for a moment? 7th grade perhaps? This where our story begins!

Yep, I was 12 years old. Stick with me!

We were both athletes for our middle school and members of FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And that little group decided to bus a bunch of us to Judgement House to enjoy Halloween in a wholesome way.

Little did either of us know that I would literally be strangling him as our first encounter. We were single-filed, walking through hell when some devilish creature grabbed my ankle out of the dark. I did what any pre-teen girl would instinctually do - I grabbed the hood on the jacket of the guy in front of me and yanked it so hard the poor chap fell backwards - all the while I was screaming in his ear at the top of my lungs.

Oh the face palm emojis I could give this! I should've known then what a sport this fella would be and how incredibly kind he was, because he had the decency to ask this strange petrified gal if she was okay. I remember it like yesterday; looking up, thinking, "gosh, he's cute!"

Fast forward five years- participating in many athletic events and working together as sports' editor for the high school yearbook, and as fate would have it...we ended up going to prom as friends. That extraordinarly fun night sealed our fate and began scripting our storybook.

We weathered the ups and downs and wrote many chapters together, but our wanderlust souls always craved more from this life. Our story continues...

Living halfway across the country from familiarity and six years into this marriage thing, we welcomed our first son. Exactly one year later, we were given (what we deemed) the opportunity of a lifetime - to make a permanent move around the world...and simultaneously discovering baby brother would be making an appearance around the same time.

We put our complete faith in God and followed His plan through this bewildering door. Within one month- we easily sold our house, both cars, and liquidated our belongings to scarcity. The ease of everything selling and how our path unfolded gave me the reassurance I needed that we were following the plan God had laid out for us. Packing up what little we had left and flying 30+ hours into the clear blue yonder to settle into the Little Red Dot (aka Singapore) with a 16 month old and six months pregnant seemed like the absolute craziest thing we had ever done! Our family and friends thought we had lost our minds. Clearly! Although, hubby had a great career opportunity...and we said YES. We made it work. We floundered and flourished many many times adventuring southeast Asia.

Two years and some change later, we relocated to Germany with our 2&3 year old sons where our story currently resides.

The twists, turns, unexpected turmoil, traveling wonders, and triumphs stop me in my tracks some days. It's a truly incredible life. The uncertainty of what we are doing might bubble up here and there, but God quickly taps me with gentle reminders. We are exactly where we should be and have an amazing purpose for being here.

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