We were excited to find family friendly wineries in Stellenbosch! When it came time for our amazing safari experience to end, we hopped a plane back to the Western Cape and continued on with our South African adventure. These top 2 wineries to visit in Stellenbosch with kids are ones not to miss!

After we saw all the sights in Cape Town and enjoyed all the wild animals in the bush, we were ready to relax a little before heading back to Germany.

Top Two Wineries to Visit in Stellenbosch with Kids

And what better place than the winelands just outside of Cape Town! Think the Margaret River region in Australia or Sonoma, California...only with these gorgeous mountain tops as our background.

Top Two Wineries to Visit in Stellenbosch with Kids

There are various wineries which are kid-friendly and a few even have a play center to drop off the littles while you sample all the vino until your heart is content. The ones with play centers are generally an all-around more expensive experience, though.

We decided to see the kids with us and go with the wineries which had lots of outdoor space or a playground attached. One specific winery had a water feature the kids fell in love with. More on that in a bit...

Deciding to have small children accompany you to one of these delightful places is an entirely different experience than making it an adult's only venture. If you are in the market for a tour or day trip around the winelands sans children, then I highly recommend checking out Trip Advisor's list.

As I mentioned earlier- we did our research on the best wineries to visit in Stellenbosch with kids, and we were not disappointed with the two options we chose. They featured playgrounds, kid-friendly picnic options, and lots of green space.

Spier Wines was our first winery visit -

R310 Baden Powell Road, Stellenbosch

Spier winery with kids

We chose to book a picnic for our family and purchased a bottle of this deliciousness to enjoy while there.

The kids mainly relished the freedom of no longer being boxed up in the car.

I mean, who truly needs a playground when you have nature to climb?

For The Kids: If you make a visit to the Spier wine farm, children get three grape juices to taste and a coloring activity sheet about insects in the vineyard. This should keep them entertained for a bit while sampling their two sparkling grape juices and one still. Your children will enjoy being included in the "wine tastings."

Spier winery in Stellenbosch with kids

If you are looking for a hearty meal after a light picnic in Stellies (Stellenbosch to the locals), be sure to make a stop at Tiger's Milk. They have several locations around the Cape, but we put this on our list while out and about in the wineland region. It's a great spot to visit in Stellenbosch with kids! Fab selection of burgers, pizza, and other grilled bites. Their tagline says it all "Dude Food Made Real Good." The outside seating is a plus for the kids, not to mention enjoying a refreshing pint on the porch as well.

Tiger's Milk in Stellenbosch

Warwick Wine Estate was our second winery visit -

On the R44 between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts
GPS Co-ordinates - 33 50 27 S - 18 51 54 E

Warwick wine estate with kids

This was our favorite discovery! We booked a picnic here as well, but the kids had their own unique boxes filled with yummy eats and treats, like homemade marshmallows and popsicles.

Side Note: if you notice the architecture atop the main buildings, it is reminiscent of Dutch design. As a former history teacher, I find it fascinating to see Dutch influence even in the historic construction of the vineyard buildings. A few vineyards in Australia are the same way- plus the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Fun facts, but I digress...

Picnic with kids at warwick wine estate in Stellenbosch

The cushy lawn pillows under the umbrella were my favorite. Perfect for lounging with a chilled glass.

There was a playground, splash pad, and fountain which the staff encouraged the littles to enjoy. We didn't bring swimsuits, but this is where it comes in handy to always have a change of clothes in the car...or a simple pair of athletic shorts, because it was summertime in South Africa after all!

And if I'm being completely transparent, we wanted to check out Leopards Leap because we read it was super kid-friendly and had two massive jungle gyms. Well, we went in and they clearly did not want our business. The tasting room was sparsely full and no one was on the grounds outside. Still unsure why they refused our business, but a heads up if looking into Leopards Leap. The area of Franschhoek where the winery is located is breathtaking, but our short experience was embarrassing and disheartening. Nevertheless...onwards!

Much more to see, taste, and experience in the wineland region of South Africa.

Chef's Warehouse at Maison

Travel to Franschhoek on the R45.


This place caught our attention from the road, and it was calling our name for dinner. So glad we made the decision to pump our brakes! The incredible dinner view from the porch and sunset stroll through the vineyard afterwards made it worth the stop.

Vineyards in Stellenbosch with kids
Top Two Wineries to Visit in Stellenbosch with Kids

Bonus: It's no secret we are full-on lovers of AirBnB's for SO many reasons. But this one took the cake when traveling with little kids. It had a massive play room open to a beautiful deck, safety gated swimming pool with a large variety of floats and toys, plus a tree house complete with swing and slide. A sandbox and assortment of lawn toys could be found underneath.

Let me know if you are interested, and I'll happily pass along the info! It was a gem, and the owners were top-notch as well. Hubby and I were happy to come back here every evening to fully relax. The early mornings were amazing as well. We didn't have to worry about them escaping, drowning, or hurting themselves. Win! Win! Win!

Favorite AirBnB for kids in South Africa
Favorite AirBnB for kids in South Africa
We traveled shortly after Christmas time, hence the tree in the playroom.

If you find yourself planning a trip to South Africa, definitely don't miss out on the winelands or think you need to skip it because you have babes in tow. I hope you enjoyed my review of the Top 2 Wineries to Visit in Stellenbosch with Kids. Let me know if you have questions about planning, and be sure to save this post for later!

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Do not listen to the naysayers. You can (and should!) go to South Africa with young kids in tow. Don't wait until they are older to do safari. They will love the excitement of a big city. Promise! And they will even enjoy the gorgeous winelands.

I will walk you through each situation. But first, let's get started below with eight unforgettable things to do with kids in Cape Town.

Living through German winters can be incredibly depressing without seeing the sun, especially after living on the equator in Singapore. We decided to take matters into our own hands and strategically plan time in a sunny environment after Christmas to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and beat the depressing 3:30pm sunsets.

Last year, we found uber cheap tickets sending us to Chase the Sun in Malta! And two years ago, we spent time adventuring around South Africa with our two and four year old boys starting in Cape Town. After a few days in the Mother City, we chased the Big Five through safari and spent the last few days back on the western coast in Stellenbosch. More on that in a bit.

Here are a few things we enjoyed as a family in Cape Town!

1.) Table Mountain Cable car- a few things to note! Check the weather first thing. A total waste of time, money, and effort if a clear day is not in the forecast. As soon as you spot a clearing during your visit, book your tickets asap. Even with a reserved piece of paper, the line is crazy crazy long on a beautiful day. With that being said, pack some water and snacks for the wait time. Ours was well over an hour. Standing for that long in the hot sun is torture to little kids without food.

2.) Bo-Kaap- the most colorful area in the city! You can join organized tour groups to see the street more in-depth, but I usually suggest shying away from them when having littles in tow. However, I would recommend taking your kids to Harvest Cafe & Deli, a mighty tasty spot with an impeccable rooftop view of Table Mountain.

Colorful streets of Bo Kaap

3.) The Cape of Good Hope in Table Mountain National Park- so many disclaimers for this one. The entry is expensive, and you will pay per individual in the car. Due to the road getting there, the line to get inside the park will be quite long. Umm there are also aggressive wild baboons...

And since it is the tip of an entire continent, the wind is unbelievably strong. Eeep!

But, is it worth it? Absolutely!

View of Cape of Good Hope

And if you have littles who are obsessed with Paw Patrol like mine were at the time. The lighthouse tower looks exactly like The Lookout...or at least my kids thought so!

The Lighthouse on The Cape of Good Hope

If driving down from Cape Town, be sure to plan your day for adequate time in the park. It's a chunk of change and a long way to drive for a hurried couple of hours.

4.) Boulders Beach- on your way back to Cape Town, be sure to stop at this incredible spot! It's amazing to watch the little cuties waddle around and duck up and down in the water. But if you have kids with you, it's PURE magic! Definitely one of my favorite memories from this trip.

Swimming with Wild Penguins at Boulders Beach

We met up with strangers for sundowners while the boys played on the beach. Well...kinda. I met Brandy on the internet and immediately fell in love with her story and family. Want more details of our family meet up and sons jumping waves together for the first time? Click below!

Why I Met A Stranger From the Internet in Cape Town

View of Table Mountain from the Beach

5.) GOLD Opulent African Cuisine- hands down, #1 place to eat in the Cape! It's a live, 14-dish, dinner show that fully immerses you in authentic African culture. Five stars all around; you will not be disappointed! Massive hit with the kids, too.

They were highly entertained and tried unique Ghanaian, Ethiopian, Tunisian, Mozambiquan, Zanzanian, and Malawian cuisines.

6.) The Castle of Good Hope- this prestigious fort was originally constructed in the 17th century and is known as the most well-preserved fort of it's time in all of the world. The Castle of Good Hope was founded in Table Bay to give ships a rest break en-route to Asia from Europe. Visitors can pay for a guided tour or take a self-guided one like we chose. Again, I'm not really a fan of group tours with littles. Be sure to research the exhibitions online prior to your visit.

Castle of Good Hope

7.) Blue Train Park- if you find yourself in the city with kids and need a break to let them run wild, check out the Blue Train Park. There is an actual blue train they can ride, lots of green space to run wild + playground equipment...and what parent wouldn't love the relaxing backdrop of the seaside? And if you're lucky, sit back and watch the paragliders run off Signal Hill while you're kiddos swing their hearts out!

8.) V&A Waterfront Marina- Feeling mentally and physically kaput from sight-seeing? Then make your next stop the V&A Waterfront Marina. You will find everything you need and more! Shopping, dining, entertainment, and tours. An array of large chain places to boutique artisans are around every corner. Boredom will not strike you as you meander the main tourist spot in CT. The kids were amused watching the fancy yachts ferry in and out. But you will also find playgrounds and a train going about the crowds for the kiddos to ride and enjoy.

My favorites at the V&A Waterfront Marina?

  • Ferrymans Tavern- so much goodness to say about this place! Friends of ours recommended it, because we could sit outside yet it was covered and had a playground for the boys. Live music paired with delish food and beer can't be beat!
  • The V&A Waterfront Food Market- an eclectic indoor market with an array of street food vendors sure to please everyone in the family.
  • The Watershed- want to support local artisans and take home a unique souvenir? 1,000% put this shopping mecca on your list. I picked up a beaded mask of an idigenious tribe (it cruelly stares at me every night from my dresser) and a necklace made from ostrich eggs. Super cool spot!
  • Ginja- amazing cuisine, incredible sunset view of the harbor, and best service we had in Kapstadt!
  • The Cape Wheel- a no-brainer if you have kids! Although if you are riding solo or with a partner, the 360 view of the city and coastline from the clouds is breathtaking. Check it out!

The Mother City was a hit with everyone in our family. It has an immense cultural diversity of various ethnicities, religions, and languages which can be experienced throughout the city. It's full of playgrounds and attractions for kids. And if all else fails, let them play along the gorgeous seaside!

All in all, don't be afraid of taking your young family to Cape Town! It can be daunting like any big city, but the cultural experiences, unique cuisines, and warm sunshine during winter can't be beat! Also helps to pour your expectations down the drain when traveling with kids. Ha! This was the boys 25th country, so trust me on this. Cape Town is also a fabulous jumping off point to the rest of gorgeous South Africa...and that is exactly what we did. Next stop is Port Elizabeth and a few days on safari. Stay tuned!

Have questions about our trip? Leave a comment below!

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