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Discover the Truth About České Budějovice and Five Must-Dos

Ceske Budejovice is nestled down between the German and Austrian borders, just north of the hidden gem of Cesky Krumlov. Being the capital city of southern bohemia, it has oodles of unique architecture, charm, and a controversial topic on none other than...beer. Digging in and discovering the truth about Ceske Budejovice is an essential add […]

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Explore the Hidden Enchantment of Český Krumlov Right Now

When most folks talk about the Czech Republic, the conversation will almost always shift in the direction of Prague. And while the capital city is a lovely lovely town, the bohemian country has a plethora of towns rich in history and cultural goodness. Český Krumlov is a pocket of hidden enchantment, and right now is […]

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Swoon Over Switzerland

If you are a nature lover...mountain seeker...enjoy fresh air...and views for days and days...then, get ready to swoon over Switzerland! Oh and who can forget the famous Swiss chocolate?? Take me there. In five days, we covered four cities and saw the most breathtaking landmarks. Switzerland is known for it's Alpine skiing, but don't completely […]

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Easily Covering Croatia - North to South in Seven Days

Planning a trip to the Dalmatian coast? These four cities have it all - adventure, charm, culture, delicious food, and pristine nature. Great for kids, too!

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How a Global Pandemic Changed My Views on Living in Germany!

As any expat will express, our emotions yo-yo between happy to be here and can't wait to get out of here. But the recent global pandemic has drastically changed my views on living in Germany. Under normal circumstances, we would be moisturizing our freshly sun-kissed skin from Greece and prepping for our annual trip home […]

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Chasing the Sun in Malta

Literally...chasing the sun is all we did! When you live in Germany and don't see the big, golden, warm globe for a solid three months, you go after it. And after it we did. Hubs found 20 euro round trip tickets and pretty much booked it on the spot. YES. 20 EUROS! After spending one […]

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How to Prep and What to Expect at Birkenau

Upon completing our tour of Auschwitz and having a moment to compose ourselves, we boarded the bus and headed over to Birkenau. It's a short drive. Giving you a brief second to collect what thoughts you can before stepping off the bus onto yet another intensely profound set of soil. A heavy rush of helplessness […]

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5 Common Sense Tips to Prepare For a Visit to Auschwitz

When we were booking our trip to Krakow, I knew I wanted to visit Auschwitz. Being a former history teacher, this was monumental to me. Although, having 2&4 year old boys in tow would make the planning tricky. Although my husband and I figured out a way for me to go solo, and it gave […]

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5 Things to See on a Long Weekend in Krakow

We stumbled across 10 euro flights to Krakow and thought about it for a mere second. A decent AirBnB popped up, so we took it as a sign! Tickets were booked, and we were well on our way to Poland. A new country for everyone in the family and a destination we knew little to […]

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